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Back in 1977, there was no word in the dictionary called "Positivity". That's when J. Morris Anderson coined the word "Positivity", and originated the philosophy behind its meaning. "Google J. Morris Anderson+Positivity"

During this time,  J. Morris was producing the Miss Black America Pageant for the NBC Television Network, and he included the "Oath of Positivity" as an item to be read on the 90 minute special TV program, and he added a competition to the Miss Black America Pageant called "Miss Positivity" whom the contestants themselves were to select.


However, one of the lawyers at NBC who was vetting all elements of the program prior to its airing, suggested to J. Morris that the he should not use the word "Positivity" because there was no such word in the dictionary. Anderson did not listen to the the lawyers, and the word, "Positivity" was born. Since that time, the use of the word "Positivity" has spread like wild fire throughout the world. Now, the word "Positivity" is being added to the dictionary which has made J. Morris Anderson extremely happy. All of this spurned the creation of the "American Institute of Positivity.


The War Against Teen Violence (W.A.T.V.) Initiative was created as a result of the increasing eruption of teenage violence in urban America. J. Morris Anderson, executive director of the American Institute of Positivity, and founder, producer and syndicator of the Miss Black America Pageants for several decades, decided that the American Institute of Positivity’s Success Seekers Seminars (SSS) would be an ideal program for W.A.T.V. 


Through SSS, W.A.T.V participnts will acquire

  • superior self  management skills

  • increase in their self confidence

  • upgrade their self image

  • heighten their self esteem

  • love themselves

  • develop respect for their peers


W.A.T.V. helps to divert the negative energy at-risk teenagers spend in engaging in violent or risky behaviors, and steers it into positive programs through its Success Seekers Seminars. In accord with the AIP's Motto, participants are taught to “Sow the Seeds of Positivity and Reap the Flowers of Success”.

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