AIP diverts the negative energy at risk teenagers spend violently and steers it into positive programs through its Success Seekers Seminars. In accord with the institute’s Motto, respondents are taught to “Sow the Seeds of Positivity and Reap the Flowers of Success”. All respondents take A.I.P.s Three Oaths: “The Oath of Non-Violence; the Oath of Positivity; and, “the Oath of Love”.


The American Institute of Positivity is enlisting an army of soldiers to finance and fight this war against Violence. You are recruited. Enlist now!.. Your continued investment in AIP programs is crucial to securing a future for our youth. Together, we will succeed. There are a number of ways in which you can support us as you will see below. No gift is too small and all gifts are greatly appreciated. American Institute of Positivity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA and donations are fully tax-deductible. Any questions?



Make a donation to AIP using PayPal. You can use your PayPal account to make a donation or you may pay by Credit/Debit Card. Click Donate button below!

You may send your donations by check or money Payable to American Institute of Positivity.


American Insitute of Positivity

PO Box 25668

Philadelphia, PA 19144

AIP accepts IN-KIND donations. You can change the lives of our youth by providing  learning tools and educational services.


Please fill out our contact form and provide details about your IN-KIND service(s) and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.


IN-KIND Goods and Certificates can be Shipped to


American Insitute of Positivity

PO Box 25668

Philadelphia, PA 19144

​​Call us:

(202) 705 - 5368



P.O. Box 25668

Philadelphia, PA 19144

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The War Against Teen Violence (W.A.T.V.)  is an American Institute of Positivity(\(AIP) InItiative. The American Institute of Positivity is a non-profit organization under the authority of the Internal Revenue Code Sec. 501(c)3. Learn more about AIP programs at

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